Saturday, July 17, 2010

The long hiatus

I've been gone a while, as you obviously have noticed (ah, fan mail...). Let me explain:

I've been busy starting up my new band. Here's my album cover:

We've been rehearsing nonstop (you know I'm a perfectionist) and I have to stop every so often to teach my new bandmate a trick or two.

And, it's just been too damn hot. Yep. I said it. HOT. So I've been trying to find ways of beating the heat. I highly recommend stripping down to your diaper and running through the sprinklers.

What's that? You don't wear diapers?
Diapers allow me to do whatever I want without having to stop and look for a toilet. Pure brilliance.
Try arguing with that.
Score: Toddler-1 Grown-Ups-0