Thursday, April 8, 2010

Guess who's back?

I’ve been very busy. Too busy to share my antics lately, but I’ve stopped long enough to give out some handy tidbits of wisdom.

I did it. I have successfully worn down the Grown Ups to sheer exhaustion. It wasn’t easy, and at first only started out as an experiment. It all started when I learned how to say some magical words: 


As in, I WANT brownie, I WANT more brownie, I WANT to watch Space Ghost.

At first, they were so delighted that I was actually speaking a full sentence that included a noun AND a verb, they answered each and every request with a smile. Of course, once I saw the power of I WANT, the world became mine, and they have been reduced to weak, tired souls.

And now, you too can have Grown Ups that have been so beaten down they become simple servants. Try saying the following sentences within 15 minutes, every day, for two weeks straight:

I WANT a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.
I WANT Cheerios.
I WANT Cheerios in a bag.
I WANT yogurt.
I WANT crackers.
I WANT milk.
I WANT to go outside.
I WANT to go upstairs.
I WANT to go downstairs.

After each request has been filled, wait until they bring it to you and then demand the next one. It’s a whole lot of fun to mix these up with a few of the NO techniques. For example, try I WANT Cheerios. After they bring them to you, say I WANT Cheerios in a bag. If they try to deny your request (and they might) repeat the request three times ending in a tossing of the Cheerios on the floor. Then stomp away.

Trust me. This will work. And soon you will have some zombie Grown Ups who have suddenly upped their daily caffeine intake just to keep up with you.

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  2. Happy Friday Follow! I'm you're latest follower!
    I host giveaways for women and their families on my blog. Mainly for women - i love jewelry and beauty products and cute kids clothes.

    My daughter is 2.5 now and talking really well, but the "I WANT" that I am working on is teaching her to say "PLEASE MAY I HAVE a ___" I hear "i want this, or I need this" too often.

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  4. Great blog! Have a toddler of my own. Actually two come to think! Is a one year old a toddler? He eats Cheerios! I think the definition of a toddler is you eat Cheerios off the floor! Anyway. Happy Friday Follow! New follower.

  5. ...following you now...I also have a toddler (and three other kids who are 17, 19 and 21). Whooo hoooo... :0)

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  7. Happy Friday Follow :) That is hilarious :) And so true...I guess my youngest has been secretly reading your blog LOL

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  14. Stopping in from Friday Follow.
    Toddler word of the day...ahtside (aka outside) which is awesome if it wasn't a torrential downpour and FREEZING today. Cups of coffee today...five. Naptime=0 minutes.
    Needless to say this blog is like reading my life! Glad to see I'm not alone:) Looking forward to reading more!


  15. My toddler (#3) is almomst 2.5 and the worst thing he curently says is "MINE!!!"
    Unfortunately, I have no idea what to do...the 1st two never said it. However, I do know that this phase will pass (soon, please!)
    Thanks for sharing today!

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  17. Hmmmm- has my 21 month old been reading your blog dear Toddler? Well if he hasn't been, I'm sure after reading your informative "want" post, he will WANT to now!!!!!!