Friday, January 29, 2010


So I promised I would show you the famous Magnum P.I. look. This was much harder to pull off than my popular Johnny Depp disguise. It also received different reactions from people, but they were all in approval as many just broke out into a smile, and others were beside themselves with hysterical laughter.

Yiya helped me achieve this look. I can tell he's really looking out for my best interests.

The ladies were fallin all over me that night.


  1. We're following you from Friday Follow.

    You are definitely one of the cutest little boys that I've ever seen :)

  2. Not many people look so dashing with a faux unibrow.

  3. So CUTE!

    Thanks for linking up and following over at Trendy Treehouse. I am following you too!


  4. I'm with Joy! Too adorable!

  5. Isn't he a heartbreaker! I love him already, those curls are going to be the bane of the ladies, I tell you what!

    Good to see you, following you back, and this is a very cute blog :D

  6. TOO CUTE!!! Love it!

    Visiting from The Trendy Treehouse Follow Me Friday!! I'm a new follower! Love for you to come visit me!

    Have a great weekend!