Thursday, January 28, 2010


Do you have one of these at your house?

I'm talking about the kid, not the popsicle.

Not sure exactly what he's called, but around here I refer to him as Yiya. I think they come in different varieties and colors, although I didn't have much of a say in which flavor I got. He was just there when I arrived. I think he came with the house.

Anyway, my Yiya is the coolest thing EVER. You might not be so lucky. I hear sometimes these Yiyas can be a real pain. If that's the case, just take it back to the store, I'm sure you can exchange it for a cooler model like mine.

Here's what you can do to earn instant points with the Grown Ups: COPY. Do everything your Yiya does. Repeat, repeat, repeat. If he yells and runs through the house for no reason, you do the same right behind him. If he hops on one foot, you hop on one foot (as best you can....toddlers have that whole balance thing working against them). If he tries to pee in a toilet, guess what you should do? (Be careful though, this tactic could actually work against you by opening up a whole new can of worms. More on diapers later.) You get the idea.

You could be in the midst of a reprimand, but as soon as you copy your Yiya, the Grown Ups turn to mush. For some wacked out reason, this tugs right at their heart strings, and you my friend, are off the hook.