Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I'm not a TIGER

I’m a Pig. And I’m also ¼ Chinese, which means that I must partake in the FIFTEEN day celebration of Chinese New Year! All I know is that it involves eating a lot of something called moon cakes.

Oh, and dragons. Which is what I want to be when I grow up.

So we saw a few of these…

And to get them to dance faster, they blew up about a billion of these…

Which made them do this…

And made me do this…

And then I found my pockets.

Did you know I’m bilingual? I can say ‘goodbye’ and ‘I love you’ in Chinese.

I also just learned how to say bullshit.
But not in Chinese.


  1. Bullshit is say it and I'm pretty sure everybody will get your message :)

  2. Guess What, Bella knows that word too...and could share quite a few others with you...(she loves The Sopranos)...but when she says a "bad word" we tell her so, and then we pat ourselves on the cheeks...guess who Bella smacks more for bad words than herself? Uh Huh...Her Daddy...OOPS!

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  7. Ni Hao! (Learned from Nick Jr. or one of the kids shows)

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    Kelly from Kelly's Lucky You

  8. Found you on FF and LOVE your blog! How cute is he :)

    He does know everything doesn't he!

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  10. I am a Dragon, my man is a Monkey, and we go well together. My daughter is a Rooster and my son is a Rat. We're quite the party!

  11. I'm sure bullshit will be lost in the translation when she learns it in Chinese. And I'm pretty sure it won't sound as cool.