Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Toddler, the Metrosexual

I consider myself an expert on toddler couture. My wardrobe has several items that I absolutely refuse to wear, because really, I can’t be seen in some of the crap the Grown Ups expect me to put on. I also believe that one should dress according to the whims and fancies of changing weather, and that clothing reflects just how you feel about your day.

Allow me to illustrate. Two days ago we were given the balmiest, springy-est, sunshiny-est day you could imagine. The skies were blue, those birdies were singing, and I had to take my Tonka trucks for a spin in the dirt. But wait! What to wear?

 It’s days like these that I feel pants are just not necessary. And footwear should be exactly 4 sizes too large and look like reptiles. Or amphibians. Who needs restrictive clothing on a warm spring day? Not me.

See those guys in the back? They obviously didn’t get the pants memo. I am SO laughing at them.

Now today was a different matter. Not balmy, or sunshiny or springy. SNOW. For real. Yes, Texas got some snow, and I had just the outfit. I call this my “I-don’t-really-need-to-dress-warm-for-this-FAKE-snow-cuz-it’s-really-not-going-to-snow” ensemble. It’s a bit casual with a little rebel thrown in for effect.

But then guess what? It kept snowing. Realizing it was a bit too cool for casual rebel, I threw on my lumberjack-superhero combo to brave the elements.

After frolicking for a bit I realized something.
Know what? Elements suck.


  1. Hey dude, try the "go limp like a noodle trick"! That's when your mom is almost late for work, and you refuse to put any clothing on she suggests. When she tries to dress you, simply go limp. She won't be able to put anything on you. Your brother will be late to school too! Double whammy.

  2. LOL, Cute pics! We're getting a foot of snow today in the northeast PA region!

  3. Very cute photos!
    Following you from Friday Follow.

    Have a great weekend!