Friday, February 12, 2010

My new best friend

I've recently become close friends with our ottoman. This piece of furniture has become pretty handy for helping me reach things that for some strange reason are just too high. I just push it wherever I'd like to reach. I'm now able to turn on the lights.
And turn them off.
And then on again.
The fun never stops.
I can also reach the top of the counter and grab useful things like car keys, wallets and batteries.

Sometimes I get tired of milk in my silly sippy-cup. I need to move on to more sophisticated drink ware. I've tried explaining this, but my requests are not being heard.

Lazy Grown Ups. Sometimes you just got to do things yourself.


  1. Love it! If the goal is to drink it all, this could be a very time consuming hobby.

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  3. He's pretty creative. Encourage him to find ways to solve his problems. There is no limit on what else he can do.

  4. Too cute!!
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  7. Oooh, does your ottoman have wheels like the one at our house? The small mailmen here at this house love to swoop around the house on it, pretending to be the shells and the ottoman is the sea turtle!