Monday, February 1, 2010

This is how I celebrate

So today I was given the Sunshine Award by TWO different bloggers!
I love awards. I don't even know what they are but they sound cool. I think I can use this to score some more RITZ. Anyway, thanks to Joe@20 to Life and Ross and Katy.

While doing my celebratory triple flip off the couch, I slipped on some junk lying on the floor, and the corner of the coffee table RAN INTO MY EYE !!

The rest of my celebration was spent screaming at a nurse while blood oozed out as Grown Ups tried to pin down my super strength to give me STITCHES. Bastards.

And then I ate a peanut butter sandwich.

I'm much better now. And I need to pass the award on to twelve other blogs, so here goes:

1. Trophy Mama
2. The Hossman Chronicles
3. Peeling an Orange with a Screwdriver
4. Clean Jokes and Pics
5. Bella Daddy
6. A Nut in a Nutshell
7. A Quiet Spot
8. Austin Blogatorium
9. Outnumbered
10. Mommy With A Penis
11. What My Kids' Art Says
12. Mind of a Mad Woman

So now it's your turn to nominate 12 more peeps and link them in your post. Or something like that.

I've got a headache. Time for some sauce.


  1. ha! Thanks very much!! I live for "boost my self esteem in the blogging world" awards! I really appreciate it :-)

    Hope the eye is ok. Damn grown ups..all think they're SO special!

  2. Poor lil dude...but he sure looks cute!

    I found your through FF, please come by and follow back as well. I know that I am late, but better late than never. I look forward to following your blog. Come check out the amazing giveaways that I am doing right now. Have a great week! Juliana from A Blonde Walks Into a Blog

  3. This is your cousin down in Florida....such a cute blog! I've really enjoyed reading it. Feel free to come visit us at and read about your cousins Clay and Paige.
    Hope your eye feels better!!

  4. My Daddy says it is ok to write to you...I have an Owie on my head too, and I remember the Dr.s and Nurses holding me down...I am never going back there! My Daddy says you may be my future ex Husband LOL...

    Cheers and Thanks for the award!

  5. Poor baby! I hope you feel better soon!

  6. Tee Hee! Come and get it:

  7. Thank you! Let me run google Taylor Swift for some acceptance speech ideas...
    Coffee tables suck.